Guitar Cabinet IR's & Cab loader VST

Mix-ready Impulse Responses, designed & captured with top gear

GroovyCab - Slamming Pack

GroovyCab's Impulse Responses give you professional guitar cabinet sound without the expense, complexity and hassle of setting up a cabinet recording session.

This is a collection of high quality cabinet IR's, recorded loud to capture "cab excursion" and it's sonic effects, if you're playing with high gain tones and low tunings, you'll notice the added punch in mid-range to low end and biting definition at the top of the spectrum; for chaotic, neverending palm muted grooves.

These carefully crafted and selected IR's settle the basis for outstanding metal/rock mixes. We sampled two different cabs selected for their tonal characteristics, with two highly acclaimed microphones for metal:

Marshall 4x12" 1960B Clone - Loaded with Celestion G12T-75 drivers
Laney GS 412 PA - Loaded with 4x12" Celestion Vintage 30 drivers
SHURE sm57 - Sennheiser MD 421 microphones
4 Mic positions per cab, each in 4 different formats, totalling 48 IR's

Every cab Impulse Response has been thoroughly tested and re-built from scracth dozens of times, until all quality parameters were met. All impulses are phase aligned and compatible with most commercial FX units like the Kemper or Axe-Fx, apart from the classic in-DAW usage with an IR loader. (Reaper, Cubase, Logic, Reason, etc).

Impulse Response Support/Requirements - All IR's are provided in .WAV format:

44.1kHz - 16bits / 44.1kHz - 24bits
48kHz - 16bits / 48kHz - 24bits

Compatible with any modern DAW with an impulse loader (like GroovyCab VST), under Win, MacOs, Linux, 32/64 bits versions and hardware FX units like the Kemper, Axe-Fx, etc. The free download for GroovyCab VST includes one demo IR so you can test with your setup.

Important: Every hardware FX unit has it's own import system for this impulse format, check compatibility with yours. You can quickly import/convert your .WAV IR's with free tools like Cab Lab 3 Lite for the Axe-Fx or Cab Maker 2 for the Kemper Profiler.

All IR's are named referencing their capture settings, obtained following best recording practices and the best of our knowledge in signal processing.

*Please select the "NO INSTALLER" package if you're not a Windows user*

GroovyCab VST v0.41b - FREE

GroovyCab VST is an Impulse Response loader built and provided to support our IR packs. It's one of our first VST plugin projects and is provided for FREE. Many modern DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) already feature a deconvolution engine and it might be the default option, but if you're up for instant gratification through ease of use, this plugin has you covered. Preset support, hi/lo pass filtering and mono/stereo routing included. Supports 3rd party CAB IR's.

Load IR » adjust filters to taste » go!

VST Support - The free VST provided with the IR packs has Win32/64 support at the moment

Tested running OK under:

  • *x86
  • Win7/Win8 - REAPER
  • Win7/Win8 - Cubase
  • *x64
  • Win7/Win8 - REAPER (native bridge)
  • Win7/Win8 - Cubase (native bridge)

Please send us your feedback if you test a different OS/DAW from those listed here.

GroovyCab's IR pack/libraries are in ".WAV" format, and it's IR's are compatible with 3rd party DAW's / hardware fx units, independently / outside of this VST.

The music in the promo video was recorded with the Free plugin TSEX50 by onQel and a PODHD500x from LINE6 into GroovyCab VST with our IR's. Further development of GroovyCab VST is currently on the works. POD and software ampsim presets are on the way too!

Watch the Promo Video